Are you planning on visiting London in April and want to know what the weather will be like, or wondering what clothes to wear?

If so, this article is just for you! Here’s a local’s view of what weather you can expect in London in April, including temperatures and rainfall. I’ve also included some tips on what clothes to wear as well as a few suggestions of things to do here in April.

Is the weather in April in London rainy or dry, warm or chilly? Will you need to pack a thick coat or shorts and t-shirt? Will it snow? I’ve lived in London almost all my life, so here are all the facts you need about the weather in London in April.

What is April weather in London really like?

April is known for its April showers for good reason. This month is in the middle of the period between winter and spring, which means varied weather. Some days you’ll be wrapped up in a warm coat against the cold, wind and rain, the next you’ll be out enjoying the sun in a t-shirt.

The weather in April can vary from day to day, but also year to year. Some years we’ve had a month filled with lovely warm days, other years the month has been pretty miserable with a lot of wind and rain.

Snow in April in London has been known, although this is very unlikely. If it does snow it isn’t heavy and only lasts for a day or two.

Rainy day in London in April
A rainy day in London in April

Sunrise and sunset times in London in April

April is a nice month to be in London as the clocks have just moved forward an hour to British Summer Time. This results in the evenings being lighter for longer and really does make it feel like summer is on the way.

With sunrise just after 6:30 a.m. and sunset not until just after 7:30 p.m. at the start of the month, there are 13 hours of daylight at the beginning of April. By the end of the month, there are nearly 2 more hours of daylight. At this point, sunrise is at around 5:30 a.m. and sunset just before 8:30 p.m.

Average temperatures in London in April

Despite the longer days, the weather in April can still be quite cold. There are usually a few days though where the weather becomes much more spring-like and the sun makes an appearance.

Daytime temperatures average around 14 degrees C (57° F) although can be warmer on sunny days with temperatures hitting 20 degrees C (68° F) or higher. At night, temperatures drop to an average of about 6 degrees C at night (43° F).

Rain in London in April

April has a reputation for being wet, but how much rain does London really get in April? This month is in the middle of the period between winter and spring, which means unsettled weather. This means more sporadic rain showers and wind rather than heavy torrential downpours.

As such, even though April does at times feel like it’s a very rainy month, the statistics from the Met Office show it’s actually one of the driest. The data shows an average of around 40mm of rain over the whole month. You can expect it to rain on average around 10 days in the month which is low compared to other months. However the weather is often very changeable so being prepared for rain is always a good idea!

Sun in London in April

As the days get longer and the weather changes from winter to spring, the days become brighter despite the showers. On average, there are just over 5 hours of sunshine daily – a noticeable improvement on March! April is the month where you start to feel like summer is on the way.

What clothes to wear in London in April

The weather in London in April can be rather varied. One day may be t-shirt weather, the next might be rain and wind. The best way to be prepared is to wear layers and have warm and waterproof clothing with you.

I’d recommend some lighter layers for the warmer sunny days, for example jeans, t-shirt and light jumper or sweater. For the cooler days a warm jacket would be good. I usually wear a mid-weight down jacket, but a full winter coat isn’t necessary.

To stay dry, I’d recommend a wind and waterproof layer that you can wear on top of your other layers.

Hats and gloves aren’t really necessary in April unless you’re spending time outside at night when temperatures can get quite chilly.

An umbrella can be useful when it’s raining, but can also be a hindrance. Typically rainy weather in April is also windy, which can damage brollies.

Is April a good time to visit London?

I think April is a great month to visit London. It’s before peak summer holiday season so isn’t too busy and the weather is starting to improve. The days are noticeably longer so you can make the most of the lighter evenings. Despite the reputation for rain in April the weather is actually relatively dry – although definitely pack a waterproof jacket!

London can be beautiful in April too. Many of London’s parks are blooming with cherry blossom, bluebells, tulips and more to enjoy.

St Paul's Cathedral on a sunny April day
St Paul’s Cathedral on a sunny April day

Things to do in London in April

Here are some of my highlights for things that you can enjoy in April.

Cherry Blossom

There are a number of locations where you can enjoy cherry blossom in London. These bloom at different times – starting in late March and going on through to the end of April. One of the most famous locations in Greenwich Park.

Cherry Blossom in Greenwich Park in April
Cherry Blossom in Greenwich Park in April

London Marathon

The London Marathon is one of the country’s most popular sporting events and watched by millions on TV. It typically takes place in the middle of April and sees around 750,000 spectators cheer on 50,000 participants. It’s a fantastic experience to watch up close.

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